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Delivering third party logistics and order fulfillment through a technology based platform
Mail forwarding and management, order completion and shipping, Amazon Fulfillment

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  • Save big on your wholesale orders with bulk handling priced as low as single item picks.

  • Pre-packed boxes are priced as single items, no matter how many units are in box.

  • Marketing inserts are only $0.20 per order. Save more as you ship more.

  • Shipwire automatically lowers ypur handling costs per order, as volume increases.

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  • 01 Sales 0 orders
  • 02 Storage 2 pallets/50 SKUs
  • 03 Reach 2 warehouse locations
  • How many orders are
    you filling a month?
    0 20000
    What’s your average
    quantity per order?
    0 20
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    you need?
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    0 2500
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    products do you sell?
    0 18
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    North America
    United States
    United States
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Cloud Logistics. Discover the possibilities. Get more information.